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Android Smartphone Users Get 50GB Free Storage From Box

Members of XDA-developer forum have managed to produce an application that allows a bog standard Android-based smartphone to get up to 50GB worth of cloud-based storage for free, courtesy of

The app fakes the smartphone type, leading to believe that the phone used is a Sony (Ericsson) Xperia smartphone.

Under an ongoing agreement between Sony and, Xperia handset owners can get up to 50GB worth of content online (ed : it is likely that tablets and set top box users would also be able to use the app).

Users will have first to register for a account either online or by downloading the app for free on Android Market.

A validation email will be sent together with an initial 5GB allowance. A second app called "free 50GB v.1.1" app will have to be installed, and then follow the instructions.

Other than the fact that you will need to change the password and login (as a matter of precaution), there's nothing much that could go wrong.

Except of course if decides to actively cancel rogue accounts and delete files stored online by fake Sony Ericsson owners.

We'd therefore urge readers who might want to try it to have a backup of files being stored on these servers.

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