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Apple iBooks May be Viewed on Other Platforms, Only if they are Free

Apple took lot of heat over its iBooks Author End User License Agreement (EULA) a few days back which forced the iPad maker to introduce some changes there by only leveraging control over the format and not the content of the books.

Beyond this Apple has also been criticised over the fact that there was a clause in the EULA which restricts those who create iBooks from selling them on any other platform but, the iBookstore. This restriction would see Apple making 30% out of the total cost of the iBook.

According to the EULA, any content generated by the user using the iBook Author can be spread to other available platforms including the Android powered Kindle Fire, only if the creator distributes it for free. This certainly means that even through Apple is allowing for cross platform distribution of the books, the creator would not be benefited monetarily.

But, the latest rewrite of the EULA has opened up an avenue for those creators to effectively export the iBook to a PDF format for distribution on other platforms.

According to some suggestions, if there was an app available on Android or Windows that could read iBook format (with its interactivity intact), then technically as per the EULA an export of the book is possible and this will allow creators to publish interactive ibooks to other platforms as well.

Read the FAQ on iBooks Author here.

[Source: The Register]