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Apple increases UK PC market share

A new report highlights that Apple is gradually strengthening its foothold over the PC market, in the UK.

The most recent study carried out by the market research outfit Gartner, claims that the iPhone and Mac maker's shares in the UK PC market underwent a steady 17.2 percent increase during the last quarter, of 2011. This is compared to what it managed, exactly one year ago over the same period.

The Gartner report stated that Apple sold somewhere around 267,000 Macs during Q4 2011, the figure amounting to almost 9.1 percent of the total number of PCs sold in the UK, during that same time.

In Q4 2010, the company managed to sell relatively a far lesser number of Macs - in the region of 228,000 units.

The overall growth of the PC market in the UK stood at 19.6 percent, with the total shipment figure dropping to 2.9 million units, compared to 3.7 million units in Q4 2010.

"The UK market has been a prime illustration of the underlying weakness in PC demand across Western Europe," Ranjit Atwal, research director at Gartner, stated, as reported by MacWorld.

"PC vendors face a long, uphill struggle to regain the interest of consumers. The introduction of Ultrabooks in late 2011 is desperately needed", added the director.

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