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Apple Looking at Mac OS X iPad, or MacBook Air on ARM?

A year or two back Apple was apparently working on porting the Mac OS X Darwin kernel to the family of chipsets that also powers the iPhone and iPad. Apple's Platform Technologies Group, which is a division of the CoreOS department, handled the project called Porting Darwin to the MV88F6281, subtitled ARMing the Snow Leopard.

The information about this secret Apple project surfaced over the Internet a few months ago and puzzled tech analysts, iMore reports. The project involved Mac OS X 10.9 Snow Leopard and since the project started, the Cupertino based company introduced to the market new models of iPad and MacBook Air, but no one could see any sign of the projected MAC OS X on ARM.

At the moment, analysts can only speculate what Apple had in mind with the project; is/was Apple looking at the idea of a Mac OS X iPad, or a MacBook Air running on an ARM chipset?

Jack Perry of iMore has his own ideas about the fate of the project. He believes that Apple is unlikely to alter the winning strategy that made out of iPad the king of the tablet market. "Indeed, there has been more speculation of late that Apple would continue to move iOS towards the Mac, as opposed to moving the Mac to ARM. However, Mac OS X once ran on Power PC chips, yet Apple had it secretly running on Intel chips at the same time," he writes.

Perry suggests it makes sense for a 'forward-thinking' company such as Apple to develop ARM-compatible builds of OS X in its labs.

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