Apple trademarks the word macroscalar - possibly a new processing technology

Cupertino based technology heavyweight Apple has filed for trademarking the term "macroscalar" last week, revealed a new report.

The company had already registered the trademark in a few other countries, including Trinidad and Tobago. Having filed the name with the required legal procedures in those countries, it has now moved on to trademark that name or brand in other major markets, including the US.

Alongside the one filed in the US, the iPhone maker went ahead seeking a similar trademark protection for ‘macroscalar' in Hong Kong. Experts are of the opinion that the move taken by Apple, can be seen as a signal from the company to hint at a forthcoming announcement on one or more new processor technologies.

"The macroscalar processor addresses this problem in a new way: at compile-time it generates contingent secondary instructions so when a data-dependent loop completes the next set of instructions are ready to execute," noted a ZDNet report by Robin Harris, covering the macroscaler technology.

"In effect, it loads another pipeline for, say, completing a loop, so the pipeline remains full whether the loop continues or completes.", added the website.

Apple has not come up with any official statement regarding the public application for trademarking "macroscalar" technology, however, the move taken by the company has already drawn the attention of the tech fraternity.