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Cray Inc Create Big Data Unit

One of the leading names in the global supercomputer industry, Cray Inc., announced on Wednesday that a new unit in its corporate structure which will be totally devoted to the delivery of solutions for the fast expanding, luscious "Big Data" market.

The new unit, which will be known as YarcData, is going to be led by Arvind Parthasarathi. He has been appointed as the General Manager and Senior Vice President of YarcData.

Cray stated that the new unit will be entirely focused on providing enterprises with cost effective and quality Big Data solutions. It further stated that YarcData will be comprising of Cray employees from several distinct departments including research and development, sales, marketing, services as well as support.

Experts are of the opinion that with the creation of a stand alone division within the company, Cray has made it loud and clear that it is desperately trying to strengthen its foothold over the Big Data analytics market.

"YarcData is the nexus of the world's most advanced technologies from Cray being applied to solve the world's most challenging Big Data problems," Parthasarathi said in a statement.

"This is a unique opportunity to deliver Cray's high performance technology to meet 21st century Big Data challenges, and I look forward to building a successful future for YarcData, Cray and our customers worldwide," he added.

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