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DDoS Tools, Attacks on the Rise Says Anti-DDoS Vendor

A new study carried out by Arbor Networks sheds light onto how DDoS attacks are usually planned to fulfil the so called ‘hacktivism' motives rather than for monetary ambitions and that no network today are impervious to DDoS attacks despite their fortified strength.

It is really shocking to find out that, most of these DDoS attacks do not have extortion as their primary aim and instead are more inclined towards political aims.

Most of the victims of these DDoS attacks, said that they could not figure out why they had been targeted. The victims also reported that high volume attacks are more common now-a-days. A 10 Gbps range attack is no longer a myth.

According Roland Dobbins, Arbor Networks solutions architect for Asia-Pacific, 13 per cent of victims, experienced an attack exceeding 10 Gbps between October 2010 and November 2011. More than 25 per cent data centres owners said that they experienced many attacks, that exceeded the total bandwidth of their data centres.

The size always does not govern the amount of damage it can create. Sometimes smaller ones facilitated with low bandwidth can prove to be more dangerous evils. Now a days attackers are conducting proper research, thus innovating new ways of executing more severe attacks on the systems. Application layer attacks are becoming more popular choice for attackers. But, with increase in production of anti-DDoS software, there is hope that these malicious attacks can be uprooted.