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EPIC Sues FTC, Seeks Injunction over Google Privacy Policy Rollout

The Electronic Privacy and Information Center (EPIC) has dragged the US Federal Trade Commission to court with the vision of forcing it by legal means to prevent Google from implementing the proposed changes in its privacy policy through a Motion of Temporary Restraining and Preliminary Injunction [PDF].

Ever since Google announced last month that it is revamping its existing privacy policy, the company has been put under immense pressure by various privacy advocates who are of the opinion that these changes will do more harm than good to users' online privacy - an allegation that Mountain View has been denying throughout.

EPIC stated in the complaint [PDF] that by introducing these changes Google is violating an agreement it had inked with the FTC last year. The agreement demanded the company to make sure that it would not share any user data with third parties until and unless users gave their consent.

And, since Google reached the agreement with the FTC, EPIC argues that the latter should take a proactive role in stopping Google to deploy the changes.

"To date, the FTC has failed to take any action with respect to Google's imminent changes in privacy practices," the lawsuit read.

Google has dismissed EPIC's claims saying that "We take privacy very seriously," and "We're happy to engage in constructive conversations about our updated privacy policy, but EPIC is wrong on the facts and the law", reports The Register.