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Facebook Photo-Sharing App for iPhone Ditched?

Almost eight months ago, iPhone owners were given a peak at an application that was apparently in the making from Facebook, specially designed for sharing photos on their handsets.

At the time Facebook's secret plans were revealed courtesy of a few leaked pictures which found their way onto TechCrunch's website, suggesting the new iOS feature would rival photo sharing apps like Twitpic and Instagram.

Apparently, as Business Insider informs us, the whole project is off, or was never really fully on. Nicholas Carlson of Business Insider, quoting "a source familiar with that project," announces "the app we saw in those photos this last summer is not coming," putting a stop to any expectations, without any room for interpretation.

Apparently, the leaked photos were made to see how the Facebook app could look on an iPhone display.

Facebook is still working on improving the photo-sharing experience, but since then the company's product manager for photos, Sam Odio, has left the company. Dirk Stoop, the new guy in charge will take a different approach to the one his predecessor had.

The most popular social network has not always been the quickest in bringing enhancements to apps for its 400 million mobile users. The official iPad app took a full 18 months to complete and was less impressive than many had expected.

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