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Foxconn Hit by Swagsec Hackers

Foxconn has once again been targeted by hackers, this time a new group that is making waves known as Swagg Security, with admin logins and companion company information leaked.

"So Foxconn thinks they got 'em some swagger because they work with the Big Boys from Intel, Microsoft, IBM, and Apple? Fool, You don't know what swagger is," the pastebin posting begins, setting the tone for the release - one of disdain.

Addressed to the "users of cyberspace," the relatively long post describes how Swagg Security is a hacktivist group, but that the collective consider themselves more akin to "greyhats," somewhere in the middle of black and white. They're not destroying for good or for bad, but for the sake of it. It's described how Swagsec simply enjoys breaking up an infrastructure. That has at least been partly achieved with its most recent attack.

Breaking into a Foxconn server, much information was taken, including customer and employee details. However, we're not just talking end users and Syril from accounting, but ordering information for some of Foxconn's biggest partners.

As part of the Pastebin post, Swagsec encouraged people to use the release to cause some mischief: "We encourage media, security experts, and other interested individuals to explore our leaks. Foxconn did have an appropriate firewall, but fortunately to our intent, we were able to bypass it almost flawlessly. Of course with funding ourselves we did have our limitations. But with several hacking techniques employed, and a couple of days in time, we were able to dump most of everything of significance. We now appropriately give consent to other individuals reading this release, to scavenge through the leaks acquiring usernames and passwords; while attempting to find if they use the passwords anywhere else."

Since this information was released, the ordering page has been put on hold according to the Swagsec twitter. It seems some of those that downloaded the information may have made fraudulent orders on behalf of certain corporations. Tut tut.

Foxconn has recently been the target of public disdain due to its poor working conditions and high employee suicide rate. It's been reported that most of the problems occur in Apple production facilities where iPads and iPhones are assembled. While you might expect the fruity firm to weigh in and force better conditions on its suppliers, this is something that ex-employees claim just isn't being done. The higher ups don't want to know.

Hacktivists from Anonymous and TeaMp0isoN have been hitting the news a lot recently, with attacks against government machines in Nigeria, Palestine and other nations - with encouragement given for citizens to rise up against their tyrannical leaders. They also hacked an FBI conferance call and recorded the bureau saying that it had made mistakes and screwed up in the past.


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