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Google beats Cisco in Greenpeace environment friendly tech list

Greenpeace, the environmental rights group, hatred towards big technology companies is well known to everyone, but a new report reveals how it hates Google - the least of all.

The activist organisation has unveiled its yearly ranking of the most environment friendly tech companies in the world - which is based on how much efforts these companies are pouring in for protecting the climate. The usage of renewable energies also played a crucial part in deciding the rankings of the companies.

Google topped the list by scoring 53 on the scale of 100, while Cisco - the last year's winner was pushed back to the second spot, with it bagging just 49 points.

Despite leading the chart, Google was subjected to some severe criticism from the organisation because of its decision to kill its much appreciated solar energy program.

Greenpeace claims that the ranking system is "intended to facilitate comparison of IT climate leadership across the sector, recognising best practices and meaningful political advocacy leadership," as reported by Wired.

Speaking of the collective performance of the industry this year, Greenpeace IT analyst Gary Cook said: "Some are getting better. But others? It really isn't clear how much they're prioritizing this."

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