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Google Chrome 17 Unleashed

Google has released the latest iteration of its browser - Chrome 17, with a handful of new features such as ‘safer downloads' and ability to predict and pre-load webpages aimed at enhancing browsing speed as well as users' online security.

Google claims that the new "safer downloads" feature will prove to be of great use for protecting Chrome 17 users from malicious downloads. Apparently, the feature uses an extensive database of whitelisted files to accomplish its mission.

For example, if a user wants to download a certain installer file with .exe extension, the improved functionality of Chrome 17 will instantly compare that particular file with all the entries in that whitelisted file database. If the file matches none of the entries in the list, then the source URL will be thoroughly checked by Google servers for any malicious content.

The other important addition - the ability to pre-load webpages in the background while the user is still typing in the URL, works mostly in the cases of frequently visited sites, Google explained. That means it would be wrong to assume that the browser pre-loads a handful of websites that it thinks the user might be interested in.

Chrome fanboys can lay their hands on this brand new avatar of the browser in two ways- either they can download it from the official Chrome webpage or by using the "automatic updater" option.