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Google's GDrive to Debut as Dropbox rival

Google's GDrive cloud storage platform could be launched soon, offering an alternative to the popular Dropbox with a potentially reduced price tag.

Thought to be named simply "Drive" it could offer something that will draw in the crowds: a free usage option up to a certain storage limit. The service will be aimed at mobile users to expand their potential storage for photos, videos and other media.

There will also be a cross platform account system on Drive, allowing people to have access to their media on their phone, desktop, notebook, tablet and other electronic devices they happen to own. Sharing permissions will be possible as well, meaning if you want friends and family to be able to download something specific, you can set that up.

The big competitor for Google's new Drive platform is Dropbox. Started in 2008, as of October 2011 it has over 50 million members, uploading, sharing and downloading files. It's not like it's just a popular business either, it's also financially stable. In 2011 it made over $240 million. This is of course a lot less than Google's total income, but it gives Dropbox plenty to work with if it needs to update to keep pace with its new competitor.

This is an interesting time to contemplate a launch since Megaupload and similar file sharing sites have been targeted for copyright infringement and similar charges.

Google Drive is expected to launch in the next few weeks, though a confirmed release date has yet to be unveiled.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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