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iPhone 4S Unlimited Data Tariffs Face Off : T-Mobile vs Three

T-Mobile sent shockwaves throughout the mobile network operator community by offering a new package called the Full Monty that gives oodles of features for a fixed fee.

The offer threatens to unseat Three's One Plan as the best value for money offer for the iPhone 4S, as it costs £36 compared to TOP's £35 per month. Both require an upfront fee of £99 to secure a 16GB iPhone 4S handset.

Crucially for heavy users, both T-Mobile and Three offer unlimited data without any small print. You can make video calls, voice calls, tether to a computer and even do P2P.

T-Mobile's offer also comes with unlimited T-Mobile phone calls and unlimited texts while Three's deal "only" offers 5000 three-to-three minutes and 5000 texts.

In real life though, you'd be hard pressed to spend all these minutes and texts especially as both packages feature an additional 2000 cross network minutes.

Three has been consistently rated one of the best 3G networks in the country but T-Mobile, now part of Everything Everywhere, has merged its own infrastructure with Orange.

We expect Three to change The One Plan's features to include unlimited everything sooner rather than later, while keeping the pricing competitive.

We also wonder whether other network operators will follow suit and whether there will be long term, SIM-only contracts with unlimited everything available on the market.

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