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iPhone Unlimited Prepaid Voice and Data Plan for $45 Monthly from Straight Talk

Walmart's exclusive prepaid brand Straight Talk is apparently going to announce a new SIM card, capable of working with almost any AT&T or T-Mobile GSM phone, with the exception of BlackBerries, according to Walter Piecyk, analyst for BTIG.

This new prepaid deal will offer unlimited voice and data for a monthly fee of $45. But, more importantly, this new card will be compatible with the iPhone on the prepaid (or pay-as-you-go) market which will provide an attractive opportunity for those who pick up a second hand iPhone on eBay or the like.

"Straight Talk’s new rate plan could also attract consumers using brand new iPhones, particularly given the low monthly rate plan and the more stringent upgrade policies that AT&T has recently implemented,” Piecyk says.

The company has apparently already posted detailed information on its website for those users interested in unlocking their iPhones, Forbes reports.

"Up to this point customers have been limited by a selection of Android phones and BlackBerries that are inferior to what the postpaid service providers offer," the analyst suggests, adding "the ability to use the iPhone with Straight Talk could materially change the competitive dynamic in the United States."

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