Mozilla adding auto sync in Firefox 11

Mozilla has decided to revamp the services of its web browser Firefox, by introducing the new improved Firefox 11, with better in features than those seen in Firefox 9 and Firefox 10, claims the company.

A drastic transition has been made in the new version of the browser, where the most significant transformation is the add-on sync. Through this, the user is able to view the similar applications and content, in a number of computers he or she works upon.

Mozilla has come up with another new beneficial feature for the user, in its new version of Firefox - silent installs.

By virtue of this feature, the user no longer needs to command the system again and again to install available updates. Just one command by the user, will lead to the Windows user Account Control software to start these updates; Firefox 12 Aurora is facilitated with this exact feature.

According to the Mozilla new program, almost all the add-on will be labelled as compatible be default, with the new bolt-ins being present in Firefox 11 beta.