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Path CEO Apologises Over Privacy Goof Up

A developer, Arun Thampi, revealed in his blog post that Path, a photo sharing application for the iOS platform, uploads entire iPhone address book from a users' handset to its servers without explicitly asking for any kind of permissions from the user.

Needless to say, after this shocking negligence towards' users privacy came to light, the company has been subjected to severe criticism from users and critics worldwide. Path's chief executive Dave Morin also acknowledged that the app was indeed uploading iPhone users' phone books without asking for any permission.

Having realised that this goof up could cost Path dearly, the CEO acted fast and took necessary actions to rectify the bungle. The CEO started his apology with "We made a mistake". He added that the issue with the iOS variant of the app have been taken care of in the latest version Path 2.06 for iOS. " a clear signal of our commitment to your privacy, we've deleted the entire collection of user uploaded contact information from our servers", the Morin stated in a blog post.

Mere deletion was just half the work as there was no guarantee that Path wouldn't be repeating those actions again. For this reason the photo sharing company made sure that they come up with a new version of the app that is void of such issues.

"In Path 2.0.6, released to the App Store today, you are prompted to opt in or out of sharing your phone's contacts with our servers in order to find your friends and family on Path", Morin further added.