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Sharp's High-res IGZO Display for iPad 3 after all?

Apple may well use display technology from Sharp for the upcoming third-generation iPad despite a number of earlier reports to the contrary, Cnet reports.

Sharp's display tech, called IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide), was considered by analysts a while ago as a possible solution for the high-end display suitable for the top tablet on the market.

Many reports subsequently claimed that Apple's hierarchy had dismissed Sharp as a supplier; however, Charles Annis, analyst at DisplaySearch, from Kyoto, Japan, suggests now that Sharp might still have a good chance to partner with Apple for the iPad 3.

He reveals that Sharp is already mass producing the IGZO displays and furthermore, there is no commercial IGZO flat panel display available on the market right now. To make the situation even more mysterious, Annis suggests that there is no real reason to be sure that Apple will eventually accept LG Display's products either for the upcoming iPad 3.

Apple might be eyeing the Sharp's IGZO technology as its increased brightness, compared to conventional displays, could allow a reduction in the number of backlight LEDs, and hence cost, as well as providing longer battery life - both key factors for super-high-resolution displays on mobile devices.

Annis also mentions that he expects the iPad 3 to start going on sale in April.

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