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UK Government Rejects Alan Turing’s Posthumous Pardon Petition

The House of Lords is still haunted by repugnance and discriminating perception, which was apparent from its act of not granting pardon to Alan Turing, the father of computer science.

Discarding the petition supported by 23000 people on the internet, requesting the government to absolve Turing from his charges, the UK government has only earned discontent among the common masses.

Alan Turing was charged of homosexuality, which fell into the purview of unpardonable acts during the 1880s. However after traversing through the list of contributions of Turing to the British government during World War II, it seems that it has been really unjust experience rendered to Turing. Alan used his skills of artificial intelligence during the World War to decipher the confidential codes of the German force. It was only the Turing's "bombes" which were able to decode 3000 German messages per day.

After his arrest Alan committed suicide by eating an apple intoxicated with potassium cyanide. However now, that homosexuality is not considered a crime anymore, critics strongly emphasize, the blunder committed by the government earlier.

Gordon Brown - the former prime minister did issue an apology, which makes it apparent that the government was at fault. But, people are still not clear on why the government is not granting him a pardon even after his demise. Critics pointed out that the British parliament also has numerous employees who are homosexual.

[Source: The Register]