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Using a Galaxy Nexus as a Desktop PC

A video has surfaced on YouTube of a Galaxy Nexus owner using his smartphone as his desktop PC, having hooked it up to a display, Bluetooth touchpad and keyboard.

While the sound in the video is far too low, the user, qantrell, explains throughout its near nine minute length how he hooked up the phone to his main system and how it works. While the operating system he's using is clearly mobile, there isn't a lot of difference between what that and a traditional desktop system. It's snappy, resolution is good, control is simple and varied, applications and software are fully featured.

He can even listen to music and view media in a traditional manner, since the handset is also hooked up to a speaker system. Multitasking is of course possible, with the user showing how he can play music while reading news.

As the video concludes, quantrell discusses the future and this certainly opens up some new possibilities. Apart from gaming, there isn't much that a smartphone can't do that a desktop can. Combine this with some Wi-Di technology that allows the wireless connectivity of displays and it could be that the computers of the future are our smartphones. You carry it with you and when you want increased functionality or a larger display, you stick it on your desk - perhaps wirelessly charge or power it - and then wirelessly connect to a bigger monitor.

From there you could cloud connect to your music collection online, or a networked storage device.

Considering all that's just been described can be achieved now or in the near future without much effort, it'll be interesting to see how this turns out in a year or two.

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