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Windows 8 on ARM May Support Desktop Apps

Ever since reports of Windows 8 powered tablet devices flaunting ARM processors has surfaced on the web, Microsoft has not given a straight answer to whether or not the desktop apps be supported by low power processors?

It was always speculated that ARM based Windows 8 tablets will not be capable of running desktop based apps and will only be limited to Metro user interface and Metro-styled apps. The new Windows Metro interface - though pretty, is usually considered to be far less power - and for the right reasons too.

In a blog post though, Microsoft indirectly hinted at the fact that traditional desktop apps might just run on tablets that are equipped with low power consuming processors. "Of course, as we keep saying, desktop applications that you currently have will work exactly like they do on Windows 7 today (and were even improved in many dimensions)", read the blog post.

Experts are also of the opinion that, the proposed introduction of the old school desktop mode, in fact, is the best the way to equip with a full scale computing capability in their tablet devices, something that the rivals Google and Apple failed to accomplish in their Android and iOS powered devices.

"Again, your desktop apps will continue to run just as before, but they will also impact battery life just as they currently do (albeit with some improvements we will talk about below)", the post further read.