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Wolfram Alpha expands search engine features and functionalities

The 52 year old scientific wizard Stephen Wolfram, the founder of the search engine known as Wolfram Alpha, has decided to elevate its features and functionalities.

Wolfram claims to have adapted the search engine to use its self created database, for rendering information to users, rather than vandalising the web.

Initially, the engine faced acerbic criticism for the sheer limitations of its results. The site was earlier only capable of furnishing data on Science and Maths, which restricted its popularity to students of Science and Maths, from colleges and schools. The new improvised form of Wolfram Alpha has emerged, as a "computational knowledge engine", the name labelled by Stephen.

This new version primarily focuses on administering data and images. It is capable of transforming statistical data, engraved in a bar chart, into different colourful formats. Stephen says that, he wants to make, its engine's image analysing capabilities equally efficient, as its ability to handle text queries.

You type a query of a movie's name into the engine, and within seconds, it will be give you the time table of the theatres premiering the movie. A specialised self created database enables the search engine to provide information on more diverse subjects.

Businesses such as health care, Banking and many more are considering requesting Stephen to create customised versions of Wolfram Alpha for their businesses.