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42-inch Apple TV with iSight, iOS, iCloud Integration coming to Best Buy for $1500?

Best Buy recently caused quite a stir when it polled customers to find out how successful a 42-inch Apple HDTV set with a price tag of $1500, that could be controlled by your iPhone or iPad, would be ...hypothetically, of course.

The intriguing survey, uncovered by The Verge, included other very specific details on features for Apple's expected 'iTV'.

Asked by tech journalists whether the retail chain had inside information about the secret Apple project, Best Buy officials strongly denied the suggestion. "The customer survey was a routine offer effectiveness survey conducted by one of Best Buy's research partners. Any brand reference was hypothetical. The survey is no longer available," a Best Buy representative explained.

However, the fact remains that the survey was very detailed on the technical specifications of the "hypothetical" Apple TV. And yes, Apple brand was specifically mentioned, as the document read "Apple finally reinvents what a TV can do."

Among the features of the new Apple concept the market researcher included were: a 1080p LED flat-panel screen display, support for Apple's new iCloud service for storing movies and other TV content, an intriguing integrated camera called iSight, enhancing the support for Skype, along with a built-in microphone.

Also, the survey page suggests that Apple's HDTV will be able to stream content from Netflix, YouTube and Flickr. The survey further entices customers with the possibility of having iOS apps available on a high definition TV.

"Can you imagine playing Angry Birds on a big screen in you rliving room?" teases Best Buy.

Apple's representatives were unsurprisingly reluctant to comment on the situation and we are left to wonder whether Best Buy's 'guess' really was only a shot in the dark.

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