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AM News: Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Facebook Photo Sharing App Ditched, Kodak to Stop Making Digital Cameras

Seems like the wait for Microsoft's forthcoming OS platform Windows 8 is finally going to be over as the company has decided to unveil the consumer preview version of the product at the end of this month. The Windows 8 Consumer Preview will be dished out by the operating system giant on February 29 at an exclusive event in Barcelona.

Almost eight months ago, iPhone owners were given a peak at an application that was apparently in the making from Facebook, specially designed for sharing photos on their handsets. At the time Facebook's secret plans were revealed courtesy of a few leaked pictures which found their way onto TechCrunch's website, suggesting the new iOS feature would rival photo sharing apps like Twitpic and Instagram.

Eastman Kodak has announced that it will stop making digital cameras marking the end of an era which saw the company become almost synonymous with photography. The company will also shun digital video cameras and digital picture frames and would focus instead on the more lucrative photo printing and desktop inkjet printers instead.

Another day, another Anonymous hack - and this time, the hacktivist group targeted none other than the office of Syrian President Bashar al Assad himself, according to newly confirmed reports. The hacktivist group not only successfully breached into the network of Assad's office, but also managed to steal hundreds of emails including those disclosing details of the president's plans for his highly anticipated interview with ABC's Barbara Walters.

One of the leading names in the global supercomputer industry, Cray Inc., announced on Wednesday that a new unit in its corporate structure which will be totally devoted to the delivery of solutions for the fast expanding, luscious "Big Data" market. The new unit, which will be known as YarcData, is going to be led by Arvind Parthasarathi. He has been appointed as the General Manager and Senior Vice President of YarcData.