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Anonymous Retaliate Against Oakland City Council Over Treatment To Occupy Protesters

Hackers' collective Anonymous has published online personal information belonging to Oakland officials in order to lodge the group's protest against the city authorities' crack down on the Occupy protesters.

The officials who found themselves at the receiving end of this "retaliatory act" by the hacktivist group, labelled Anonymous' move as despicable.

Apparently, Anonymous released extremely sensitive personal data relating to Oakland's top elected officials including their phone numbers, home addresses as well as names of their friends and relatives.

The group however defended their actions by saying that they were "shocked and disgusted" with the way the Occupy protesters were being treated.

After their personal information was published on the web for all to see, the city officials organised a press conference on Tuesday and criticised Anonymous for their actions.

"I don't want to get off work at night and go home to find someone on my doorstep," stated Interim Police Chief Howard Jordan, as reported by the Chicago Tribune.

Meanwhile, Oakland city council member Patricia Kernighan, expressed her opinion on the leak by saying: "It's an implied threat to do harm to people. I've already had a couple of phone calls last night that were harassing and obnoxious,".

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