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Apple Sued over another Playlist Patent, this time by Smart Audio

Cupertino based tech heavyweight Apple Inc. has been dragged into yet another legal conflict - this time by the Texas based outfit Smart Audio Technologies who alleges that the iPhone maker's multiple products including the iPod Nano are infringing on its patent for random song playlists.

About half a year back, Apple found itself at a receiving end of a patent suit from another Texas based company for infringing on a playlist patent whereby it was ordered to pay $8 million in compensation to Personal Audio LLC. Apple filed against that verdict in a higher court though, the decision on which is still pending.

It's not new for a company of Apple's stature to come across patent infringement accusations like this every now and then. But, what makes this case different is the fact that the complainant is being represented by a start-up law firm founded by Joseph Farnan Jr - the ex-federal judge who had been serving previously in the very same court where this case has been filed.

"The patent that Apple is allegedly infringing upon is that of patent 6,185,163. This particular patent is duly noted as being assigned to Delco Electronics Corporation regarding a "Vehicle audio system having random access player with play list control dated February 6, 2001," noted a report by Patently Apple.