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Apple’s Plea to Ban Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N in Germany Rejected

Apple Inc. has suffered another blow in its long-standing legal fist fight against the Korean tech heavyweight Samsung as a German court refused to entertain the iPhone maker's plea to ban the Galaxy Tab 10.1N.

According to reports, the Dusseldorf Regional Court dismissed Apple's suit by stating that the device in question, i.e. the Galaxy Tab 10.1N significantly differs from the design rights Apple presented as evidence.

"The Galaxy Tab 10.1N now sufficiently differs from the form Apple has registered as a design right. Apple's iPads and Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1N now are two competing products of equal value," the judge hearing the case said in a statement, reports the Inquirer.

The judges, it seems, have made their minds up that the Galaxy 10.1N, in fact, was no longer a "quasi-identical copy" as claimed by Apple in the lawsuit, and hence cannot be banned on the ground of it exploiting Apple's patented designs.

"It's odd to claim that buyers are fooled into thinking they buy an Apple product if they get the Samsung device," Deputy Presiding Judge Ulrike Pastohr stated.