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Can Apple's Macroscalar Architecture Take iPhone, iPad to new Heights?

It was recently divulged that the Cupertino based company had filed a new trademark application for the term 'Macroscalar'; tech writers around the web have been discussing what technology this describes and how it might affect upcoming iDevices, such as the iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

According to Patently Apple "Macroscalar" isn't simply a new marketing line; but rather a processor architecture that Apple has been working on since 2004. "Apple owns at least four granted patents on the technology that has yet to come to light. We first covered it in 2009 and briefly twice last year," writes the website which is often first off the mark with the latest Apple technology.

Joel Hruska from Extreme Tech also suggests the secret Apple project is "related to 3D transistors as part of a new A-processor architecture."

The new processor architecture may have applicability tied to the voice controlled virtual assistant in the latest iPhone. "The most interesting product possibility listed in this filing relates to voice recognition software and applications that is likely related to Siri," analyst Jack Purcher says.

According to MacRumors the "technology could support faster performance and lower power consumption" which would of course make it particularly beneficial for Apple to use in it s mobile devices.

Robin Harris of ZDnet points out that as "Apple provides its own compilers as well as designing CPUs," it will be able "to offer a complete macroscalar solution to its large band of iOS developers," and put further ground between the iPad and its rivals in terms of performance and price.

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