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Computer industry eagerly awaits Windows 8 to boost sales figures

The most recent quarter witnessing a 20 percent decline in the sales figures, where future of the PC market in the UK seems quite bleak. It now apprears that virtually everyone associated with the industry is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Windows 8 OS, according to a new report.

No other big players in the market, apart from Apple, could register a substantial growth during the final quarter of 2011- at least that's what the latest Gartner report tells us. It was only the Apple Macs that managed to bag a 17 percent growth, in comparison to where it stood in the market in 2010, during the same quarter.

The performance of rest of the key players were truly disappointing to say the least. Acer's shipment during Q4 2011 underwent an overwhelming 62.4 percent decline, in comparison to Q4 2010. Dell and HP were not immune from this slowdown in the market either, as both those companies' shipment figures reduced by over 32 percent and 27 percent, respectively.

There is still hopes in the industry for a revival, riding on the backs of the two biggest offerings - namely Ultrabook portables from Intel, and the Windows 8 OS from Microsoft.

"The PC is not dead yet - the arrival of Windows 8 on Ultrabooks would yet see sales spike once again. Wintel to the rescue," John E Dunn of Techworld noted in his report.

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