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Eolas files lawsuit surrounding every plug in and app used in webpages

Eolas, a company infamous in tech circles as a patent troll, has filed a lawsuit against leading internet and software companies. The claim is that its interactive and embed web technologies have been violated.

Eolas can technically claim royalties, for nearly every plug in or app running inside a single webpage. Many analysts are claiming that this as a bizarre interpretation of US Patent law.

The lawsuit filed by Eolas includes Google, Yahoo and GoDaddy amongst its defendants, where if its claims are to be upheld, it can adversely have an impact on the future of commerce on the internet.

Eolas has never tried to create a product, and its claim to fame lies in earning a settlement from Microsoft, over a patent claim related to Active X technology.

The patent suit is currently being heard in the District court for the Eastern District of Texas. The jury is expected to decide on the merit of the case soon, which includes determining the validity of the patents.

Joining the issue on the subject is Tim Berners-Lee who testified in court against the issuance of such patents - which he mentions is a serious threat to the future of the web.