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Google Retail Store Destined for Dublin?

Google is reportedly planning to come up with its first ever stand-alone retail outlet in Dublin, Ireland. Google, during the last quarter of 2011 conducted a trial of its retail outlet at a computer shop in London.

According to Bloomberg, the company had filed [PDF] a plan last year in November in order to start the proceedings on a new retail outlet at its European headquarters in Dublin.

The store sized at somewhere around 1,300 square feet, will be open to the public and will be selling unspecified "Google merchandises" notes Bloomberg citing inputs from the Irish unit of the search giant.

However, the Mountain View based tech heavyweight stated that though it does have the option of coming up with a standalone retail outlet, the company has not made up its mind yet as it is evaluating all the pros and cons associated with the idea.

Contrary to the report from Bloomberg, Mashable has it that Google Retail store is still in distant future and that the filing was just a plan and nothing solid has been formulated yet.

"We have the option of a small space doing the same in our Dublin office, but we've not made any decisions. It's simply a planning application."