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Google's Motorola Acquisition To Be Approved By US Justice Department

The Judiciary of United States is likely to wave the green flag at Google's proposed deal for acquiring mobile giant Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, according to new reports.

A positive verdict by the U.S. judiciary for this acquisition deal of Google will eventually ensure that the search giant is equipped with as much as 17,000 additional patents, which were previously in the possession of Motorola.

Though there is a high probability of the Justice Department making a verdict in favour of Google, concerns have been raised. Apparently, the Judiciary is worried about the rising trend of companies filing patent suits against one another in order to shift the competition in their favour.

As of now, the Judiciary will be acting as a watchdog and monitor the company's patent related activities.

Google's move to acquire Motorola Mobility is highly indicative of the fact that companies are wanting to keep themselves on the safe side, simply by acquiring as many patents as possible in order to avoid being involved in any intellectual property-related disputes.

Meanwhile, the European Commission is also making endeavours to assess whether Google's proposed acquisition of Motorola will be of any damage to the competition.

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