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Hacking Group Anonymous To Attack Boston Police Department

A former member of the infamous hacking group, Anonymous, believes that the organisation is determined to take its grudge with the Boston Police Department further and is likely to strike again.

Gregg Housh, the former member, has mentioned to the Boston Herald that the group is quite capable of penetrating most networks. Many hackers associated with the group, spread across the globe, are looking at an opportunity to launch attacks against the police department's website.

Anonymous has hacked the website before, in retaliation against the police action against occupiers, who had assembled at Dewey Square. The website was compromised on Feb 3 and it took nearly six days to restore the site, fully.

Boston Police though has taken up measures to counter such threats and already federal investigators have been roped in to investigate the incident.

Anonymous has a history of launching outrageous attacks, where its list of victims includes companies such as Sony, Amazon and even the FBI.

The group has a tendency to take up issues that relate to the curtailing of individual freedom. It has recently launched a massive series of DDoS attacks on government websites, over the taken down of file sharing website Megavideo.

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