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iPhone, iPad Apps Crash More Than Android Apps, Stats Show

A recent report based on analysis by Crittericism, a company that gives real-time, actionable crash reports for mobile apps, delivers a blow to Apple's reputation, revealing that iOS applications crash more often than Android applications do.

The report is based on over 200 million crash reports from mobile applications from both platforms registered in November and December last year.

The latest iOS version, 5.0.1, presents far and away the highest risk, with 28.64% of overall crashes (based on normalised data), which is to some degree understandable, as app developers often need time to iron out problems with a new OS. Although older iOS versions were also responsible for a relatively high share of crashes.

One key aspect here, noted by MainDevice, is that when an Android developer makes an app, they can issue an auto-update without requiring Google’s permission, so when they update Android OS to a newer version there is an auto-update available for the application.

Whereas iOS developers require a verification process from Apple, not only before the app can hit the market, but even for every app update. This also causes a delay in delivering bug fixes, in contrast to Android.

Between December 1st and December 15th 2011, based on normalised figures, iOS 5.1 accounted for 28.64% of the crashes reported, compared to 12.64% of the crashes that iOS 4.2.10 was responsible for, 10.66% for iOS 4.3.3 and 8.9% for iOS 4.3.5. The most crash-inclined version of Android seems to be Android 2.3.3 but even this can only account for 3.86% of the total.

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