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Late News: Windows 8 on ARM to Have Desktop & Office 15 Apps, Groupon Share Prices Tumble, ACTA Protests

Steven Sinofsky has finally disclosed finer details of Windows 8 on ARM (WOA) edition of its latest OS platform through the Building Windows 8 blog giving an indication that the OS might be just ready in time for a simultaneous launch along with its x86/64 siblings. Through the blog post, Sinofsky offers an insight into the underlying techniques and technologies of WOA.

Microsoft has offered some good news for Office fans as the next iteration of the much awaited tablet optimised operating from Microsoft will be equipped with Microsoft Office 15. Through a video, the company gave a casual overview of the future editions of the widely used Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and Excel thus giving an indication that the Windows 8 on ARM will be able to run those apps.

Shares from leading online deal website Groupon experienced a sharp fall of over 14 per cent following the company posting news of a rather unexpected loss of over $42.7 million. The company has attributed the loss to a surprising high tax payout amounting to USD 34.9 million and expansions into new markets.

Google is reportedly planning to come up with its first ever stand-alone retail outlet in Dublin, Ireland. Google, during the last quarter of 2011 conducted a trial of its retail outlet at a computer shop in London. The company had filed a plan last year in November in order to start the proceedings on a new retail outlet at its European headquarters in Dublin.

Online and offline protests against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) are gathering pace, with a whole swathe set to take place on the official Stop ACTA day tomorrow, Saturday 11th February. Like SOPA and PIPA, ACTA threatens the internet as we know it, potentially turning internet service providers and website owners into a private police force.