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MegaUpload Demise Props Up Putlocker, Lesser Known Filesharers

The death of Megaupload through a thousand cuts has had a massive impact on the file sharing ecosystem according to research carried out by DeepField networks.

The site, which represented up to 40 per cent of file sharing on the web, generated up to three per cent of the global traffic online, but its death did not actually cause file sharing, on the whole, to decrease.

In fact Deepfield says that it has not even decreased much in North America, but in fact become "staggeringly" less efficient, because the file sharing traffic has to travel the 5000km or so across the Atlantic from Europe.

Deepfield's own figures - captured on the 18th of January before the demise of Megaupload - show that Megavideo had a 34.1 per cent of all file sharing traffic followed by Filesonic at 19.1 per cent.

On the 19th, Putlocker, a minor player in the filesharing market, saw its market share nearly sextuple while other players like 4Shared, Mediafire and NovaMov grew significantly to make up for the exits of Megaupload AND Filesonic.

The FBI closed Megaupload at the end of January and arrested its founder, Kim Dotcom, in a high profile case.

Megaupload - whose main domain has been seized - ran Megavideo, Megapix, Megalive and Megabox with more than 180 million registered users.

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