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Mobile Gaming, In-app Purchases on the Rise as Tablet, Smartphone Adoption Surges: Study

Increasing popularity of tablets and Smartphones have led to a surge in mobile game downloads along with in-app purchases if findings of a recent report published by Park Associates are to be believed.

According to the study in last three years the percentage of gamers in US who tend to download games onto their mobile devices has risen from 7 per cent in 2008 to eighteen per cent in 2011. In addition, gaming applications seem to significantly contribute to the earnings of Facebook games.

Amongst tablet users, the number of people playing games for at least an hour in a month stood at 71 per cent for adults while the same in case of teenagers stood at 79 per cent. With improved versions of tablets like iPad2 hitting the market, the choice of games for this genre is likely to grow in near future and quite expectedly game publishers are looking to introduce more complex and engaging game titles specifically tailored towards such devices.

The report stressed on the fact that in-app purchases are changing the way gaming industry can look to monetise their products in coming days. Explaining the rationale behind the view, Pietro Macchiarella from Park Associates mentioned "In-app purchases greatly expand monetization of the free-to-play model, thanks to seamless payments. Already, most of the top grossing games on iTunes and Android can be downloaded for free and generate the majority of their revenues via virtual purchases."