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Ofcom to slam slammers

Ofcom is on the hunt again and its the "slammers" in the UK, who are going to come under the wrath of the telecom regulator.

Slammers are those broadband and landline phone providers, who switch users to their services without even asking for consent. Apparently, somewhere around 520,000 households were victimised by the "slammers" last year, according to Ofcom's statistics.

Ofcom is stating that all service-switches should be properly scrutinised by a third party, to prevent the service providers from abusing customers' interests.

One key suggestion made by Ofcom, in order to resolve the issue, is that for any illegitimate usage of the switching mechanism holds the new provider as being responsible.

"Many people think that the current systems are too difficult and unreliable which is why we have made it one of our priorities to tackle this problem," Ofcom's chief executive Ed Richards stated, reports the BBC News.

"Today's proposals are designed to make the process easier and safe from slamming," the CEO added on an optimistic note.

The entire telecom industry is saying in unison that when and if, these new policies are implemented, it could eventually result in an increase in their cost.