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Solarflare Puts Network Processing onto Cards through ApplicationOnLoad Engine

Networking software and hardware vendor Solarflare announced on Tuesday the launch of its new offering ApplicationOnload Engine (AOE) - a dedicated platform that facilitates transfer of application processing right onto network adapters.

ApplicationOnload, according to the company, is capable of catering to the requirements of applications that demands to be fed with high performance, real time networking data.

The company brags that the new offering comes equipped with a fully featured 10GbE server adapter coupled with a pretty sophisticated field-programmable gate array. Both these components make sure that the host server is provided with a low latency and consistent network interface.

The AOE has been designed with a dedicated system level approach that blends both hardware and software components into a unique, unified plug-and-play solution.

"Our new ApplicationOnload Engine is a new class of product that results directly from interaction with our end-user customers," Russell Stern, CEO at Solarflare said in a statement.

"Our engineers have worked closely with these customers to create a platform that leverages OpenOnload's proven framework for creating a direct path from applications to the network, and incorporates on-the-fly processing of real-time network data," he added.

Find the press release here.