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Will Google Kill Its Mortgage Comparison Service?

Google has yet to decide what it will do with its Mortgage Comparison service according to a company spokesperson.

The unnamed source told Money Marketing Magazine that Google has been prioritising its product effort across the company and has taken a "hard look at products that haven't been as successful" as they would have hoped.

They closed down the mortgage search feature of Google Advisor in the US and will continue improving on the rest of the product.

They tested a similar service in the UK last year but took the site down from September saying that they would revamp it.

The company bought a little-known comparison website,, for a whopping $37.7 million in a move that puzzled the industry, and appears to have used its database to power its Mortgage service.

The Compare UK Morgages service included online quotes from Woolwich, ING Direct, Lloyds TSB, NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland.

It is likely though that the closure of the service is temporary; commission-based or lead generation is the next logical step for Google after CPC, and is likely to get some well-known giants quaking in their boots.

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