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Windows 8 on ARM to Have Office 15 Apps

Microsoft, having disclosed the details about Windows 8 on ARM has offered some good news for Office fans as the next iteration of the much awaited tablet optimised operating from Microsoft will be equipped with Microsoft Office 15.

Through a video, the company gave a casual overview of the future editions of the widely used Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and Excel thus giving an indication that the Windows 8 on ARM will be able to run those apps. The next generation Office suite - version 15 brings along with a much flatter look as well as feel - an aspect which most likely have been inspired from Redmond's Metro design language.

Another interesting aspect is that the Windows ribbon menu seems to have been removed permanently, unless of course Microsoft was intentionally hiding it during the presentation. But then, either way, it can be termed as the sign of Microsoft getting rid of the ribbon menu once and for all.

The company refrained from revealing any further information, but the demonstration pretty much established the fact that Office 15 is going to be significantly different from the current edition Office 2010 - at least visually.

[Source: Building Windows 8 Blog]