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Windows 8 on ARM (WOA) Detailed

Steven Sinofsky has finally disclosed finer details of Windows 8 on ARM (WOA) edition of its latest OS platform through the Building Windows 8 blog giving an indication that the OS might be just ready in time for a simultaneous launch along with its x86/64 siblings.

Through the blog post, Sinofsky offers an insight into the underlying techniques and technologies of WOA. The post clearly mentions that this version will be featuring the Windows 8 desktop and will have apps from the Office 15 already built-in.

Fanboys should be pleased with this and might be thinking that there would be lot more of the x86/64 stuff coming onto the WOA. Yes, a little more i.e. photo sharing, calendar, mail, storage and contact applications, but, unfortunately that's about it as the similarities end there notes The Register.

The Windows on ARM will be loaded with Internet Explorer 10 and will have support for hardware accelerated HTML5. Through the use of integrated hardware subsystems, Microsoft has conjured a more power efficient operating system that would be ideal for tablets.

The blog doesn't talk about any Ribbons, one of the key elements in Windows 8 operating system, signalling that Microsoft may have finally got rid of this feature for WOA.

Microsoft has worked with the likes of NVidia, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments (TI) to bring out power efficient WOA devices. WOA devices will be coming pre-loaded with the operating system, drivers and all the necessary apps and the OS will not be made available for stand-alone purchase notes PC World.