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Google and Amazon Win Texas Court Case Over Eolas Patent Claims

A Texas Judiciary group announced a verdict in favour of Google and Amazon, saying that all claims made by Eolas Technologies regarding the ownership to a patent involving a Interactive Web technology are fallacious.

Companies such as Adobe Systems, CDW, JCPenny, Staples and Yahoo! also questioned the validity of the patents.

According to Eolas and the University of California, the companies owe them the amount of $600 million for infringing a patent of Eolas. The patent was crafted by Michael Doyle and two other persons, for which they were honoured with an award in the year 1998.

Forbes also claims that as well as Google and Amazon, a number of other high profile companies were also accused of infringing the patent in the original lawsuit of 2009. Some of the members in the list included Frito-lay, Go Daddy, Texas Instruments, YouTube, Apple etc, but companies such as Playboy and Oracle have decided to strike a compromise with Eolas and the University of California.

Tim Berners-Lee, who is regarded as the father of Internet, stated that if the patents are allowed to be upheld any further, then it could pose a serious danger to the Internet.