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Motorola Mobility's Plea Over 3G/UTMS Patent Againt Apple Dismissed

A German court has dismissed Motorola Mobility's plea against Apple Inc. involving the use of a disputed communication technology, reports confirmed.

Judge Andreas Voss announced that the complainant, Motorola, failed to establish that Apple had infringed upon one of its key 3G/UMTS related patent.

No doubt this decision will have come as a blessing for the iPhone maker as only a few days earlier, a separate German court dismissed the plea to impose a ban on the sales of arch rival Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1N.

So far, both Motorola and Apple are not willing to release any official statement regarding the latest verdict in this case.

It appears that in Motorola's suit against Apple, it was claimed that the disputed patented technology was indeed an important issue - however, the judge was left unconvinced due to the presentiation of any substantial evidences in its favour.

"This is a textbook example of a patent that was declared essential (by Motorola itself, not by any standard-setting organisation) but isn't essential in the court's opinion," patent specialist Florian Mueller stated in a blog post.

"The judge doesn't rule out that Apple may be able to implement the standard without necessarily having products that contain the 'means' claimed by Motorola," he added.

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