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Online Pirates Find Treasure With Torrent Software 'Tribler'

It appears that the ongoing war between online pirates and copyright holders has all of a sudden shifted in favour of the former, as hackers have found a new game-changing idea that could eventually grant them a grand victory.

A new software dubbed 'Tribler' has been invented by a hacker nicknamed 'allisfine' that makes sure users can track torrent content even when all file sharing websites are blocked by the government.

The new invention has come at a time when the online file sharing industry is already under tremendous pressure from the Government to put a halt on their allegedly "piracy promoting" activities. As part of its desperate attempt to crackdown on these sites, the US government shut down the massively popular file sharing and hosting platform Megaupload last month.

According to GeekoSystem, Tribler will be well equipped to set up a peer to peer network throughout the world, thus enabling any willing computer owner to share his or her digital assets with thousands of other users.

The developer of Tribler also claimed that he has managed to download all file titles, seeders, leechers, size, as well as the magnet links for all the files hosted by the The Pirate Bay just by using a script. He claims that a total of 1,643,194 torrents were downloaded by using the technique, and the overall size of the downloaded content stood at just 90 MB.

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