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Over 60% Brits Watch TV and Use Tablets at the Same Time: Nielsen

A recent study conducted by Nielsen has revealed how over 64 per cent of tablet device owners users usually prefer to watch television while using their devices.

Nielsen reveals that due to such behaviour these users often get tempted to search for the advertised products on TV in their devices. The percentage of tablet users showing this behaviour stands at around 28 per cent. For the smartphone users the figure is slightly less at around 18 per cent.

The findings prove that tablets are a more persuasive media for marketing products than smartphone.

When participants were asked, which media they would prefer for viewing advertisements? 40 per cent voted in favour of tablets, while 30 per cent were in favour of smartphones. The survey also revealed that the tablet owners seem to possess a more sound knowledge of the advertisements of products released in the market. They credit their awareness to their tablet devices.

Smartphone device owners do not seem to be convinced with the survey results as only 16 per cent of them agreed with the claims made by the Nielsen study. The study conducted by Nielsen also found that tablet owners happen to remember the ads they view for a longer period of time. While smartphone owners do not tend to remember the ads they see.

[Source: Nielsen]