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Apple to Improve Security of Apps

Technology pioneer Apple will be exercising more control on software crafted for Mac computers - a move which seems to be frustrating a greater chunk of its developer community.

This move, which is basically designed to enhance users' privacy and security aspects, will help the company to limit the ways in which apps can access certain elements of the operating system, as well as hardware like camera, photo library or network etc.

According to Apple executives, this move is very essential for enhancing the security of Mac users. By implementing this control, the company primarily aims at creating a homogeneous experience for customers of Apple gadgets.

But, app developers are of the view that this step by Apple will make things intricate for both them and the Mac owners. The greater control on apps will require the app developers to delete some features from the apps. This would in turn, produce more complexities for the owners of Mac computers, as they have to download, extra software to get those features.

With the advent of this tighter control over apps, if app developers want an app to function in a certain way, then they have to seek permission from Apple first.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]