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Google may get 2.25% of all iPhone Sales Revenue

An intriguing situation has arisen due to a patent dispute between Apple and Google, where the search giant may actually benefit from higher iPhone sales, as SlashGear reports.

The reason for this is that Google is claiming 2.25% of iPhone sales in royalties, continuing the patent licensing demands of Motorola. Google bases this claim on the fact that it is in the process of acquiring Motorola Mobility Holdings, with an announcement regarding the deal's approval expected tomorrow.

To detail these claims, Allen Lo, Google's Deputy General Counsel, sent an official letter to Gordon Day, president of IEEE, asking for fair patent licensing deals and did not forget to mention the 2.25 percent per unit royalty payments, that Motorola has been largely criticized for.

"Google understand that, pursuant to IEEE rules, MMI is prepared to grant licenses for Essential Patent Claims with a maximum per-unit royalty of 2.25-percent of the net selling price for the relevant end product on a go-forward basis, subject to offsets for the value of any cross-licenses or other consideration received from the licensee," the Google official letter reads.

Apple has complained that Motorola's demand is excessive, however, the Cupertino-based company will have to pay a certain amount of money to its sworn enemy.

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