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Leaked Pictures of iPad 3 Rear Casing

With only a few weeks before Apple's announcement of the third generation iPad (a recent report says early March) the tech world and Apple fans are analysing every new bit of information, trying to pinpoint the iPad 3's technical specs.

Now, some freshly leaked pictures can help you make some accurate predictions about the upcoming Apple tablet. RepairLabs published the pictures apparently showing the rear casing of the upcoming iPad which reveal a few important clues about the tablet's design.

Studying the pictures one can see a number of differences between iPad 2 and its successor, such as: different logic board mounts [A], a battery wider by almost 30% [B], a different camera - as the larger camera hole reveals [C], and a different LCD [D] - which has been probably the most highly anticipated upgrade.

Apparently the iPad 3 with its "truly amazing" display is now in testing, according to an anonymous Apple employee who spoke to the New York Times.

Previous rumours suggested the iPad 3 will feature a near-Retina Display, which would also support the larger battery theory as the higher resolution will drain more power. Furthermore, the smaller space for the logic board could be related to the high-res display as well.

In addition, the RepairLabs analysts suggest that the iPad 3 will be a little thicker than the current iPad 2 model.

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