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SUSE to Celebrate 20th Anniversary through Year-long Campaign

SUSE has announced that it will be celebrating the company's 20th anniversary in a splendid way which will include a year-long campaign aimed at highlighting the company's glorious history as well as a highly ambitious future.

SUSE happens to be one of the leading and oldest providers of enterprise Linux solutions. It stated that the year-long campaign will see the company showcasing its historical achievements as well as thorough discussions with developers, partners and users regarding the future scope that lay ahead for SUSE.

It also announced that a series of global events will be organised as a part of the campaign, including the SUSECon 2012.

SUSE was founded way back in September 1992 by three German math students alongside a software engineer who shared the vision of starting a company for developing software as well as for functioning as an advisory UNIX entity.

"SUSE today is the recognized market leader in several important segments, and is well positioned to take advantage of an ever expanding market for commercial Linux and open source technologies," president and general manager, SUSE, Nils Brauckmann, said in a statement.

"We plan to recognize the people, the events and the technological developments that have helped bring us to where we are today," he added.